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Noah’s-MBP:Website ~ $ pwd


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Senior @ Harvard

Computer Science & Psychology

About Me

I’m a senior at Harvard, where I study computer science and psychology. I’m particularly interested in social and cognitive psychology, which, when coupled with data, can be used to address very pervasive problems in society, like divisions between races and genders.

On campus, I spend time directing the efforts of Harvard’s pottery studio, and I also develop software that helps Harvard’s administration run more efficiently. More than anything, I focus on being a good friend to those around me, a helpful classmate, and an active citizen of Harvard's community.

My Work

Bridgewater Associates, Research Intern

I combined my interests in social psychology and computer science by conducting research on data from Dots, which is Bridgewater's real-time, peer-to-peer employee feedback software.

Employed standard data analysis techniques to search the feedback system for cognitive biases -- such as groupthink, in-group favoritism, and out-group homogeneity.

LinkedIn, Web Developer Intern

I was a web developer intern at LinkedIn during the summer of 2015, during which I worked on the Brand and Marketing (BAM) team.

I built and open-sourced a plugin for Eyeglass, LinkedIn’s Node-based rebuild of Compass, a Sass authoring framework. I also built out the first component in BAM’s new CMS app to interface with an endpoint inside of LinkedIn’s production fabric.

I was also a finalist (top 15) out of 75+ teams at LinkedIn’s 5th annual Intern Hackday.

Mahzarin Banaji Lab at Harvard University, Researcher

Participated in a 4-person initiative within the Banaji lab to develop training modules 
aimed at reducing implicit cognitive bias within two Fortune 500 companies.

Led the design of two modules on implicit racial bias within the hiring process.

Contact Me

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Looking to get in touch? Whether you’re looking for help building out your own site, or if you just want to say “hello”, feel free to ping me at:

You can also message me on LinkedIn: